Moon in Aquarius


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24 thoughts on “Moon in Aquarius

  1. Aquarius is an AWFUL sign for the Moon. It’s cold, barren and ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius makes the Moon feel alone and lonely and possibly subjects it to chaos.

    Aquarius is the Moon’s sign of death (8th house) — figuratively: Death of feeling.

  2. Very beautifully said, my moon is in aquarius along with my sun, mercury, venus and jupiter. I feel like i sacrifice for others far too much. However it feels so right. I can’t explain exactly how, but there is never a moment when i don’t put others first. I am friends with everyone and I truly care about others especially the underdogs. I have been mentally exhausted because of this and most of it is totally unappreciated because it is for people that don’t even have the capacity to appreciate. My love and personal relationships suffer tremendously because of my love for the world.

  3. Woah, mike do you have aquarius moon yourself or why are you being so harsh and cold against people with aquarius moon? i personally have this in my natal chart and i dont think i am a cold, ruthless person. yes, i may be logical in my thinking and way of seeing things but im not brutal, cold and its not like i dont have any feelings. in my experience my sister with gemini moon she is much more “cold” emotionally than i am. you have to look at house position and aspects its getting. i have it in 2nd house(exalted for moon) and ive got aspect from pluto intensifying my emotions, also trine jupiter and opposite venus in leo. moon is not fallen in aquarius, its rather more difficult in scorpio (even though its a water sign) and capricorn (detriment).
    also there is something wrong about this article, i do not put strangers first before my family. although i care about humanity in general, im more of a family person.

  4. I read somewhere that the moon in aquaius is not ideal, and it is far more better for men than women. However:
    sun in pisces + moon in aquarius
    sun in libra + moon in aquarius

    gives good results for both men and women, making these people more attractive to the opposite sex than other sun and moon combination.

    I personally think the moon in aquarius is different, stunning though but complicated.

  5. I have a moon in virgo and the descriptions of moon in aquarian fits my character so I wander what really is true as I give give etc however my rising is in aquarius. So really I don’t think one should base chracter traits purely on moon value?

  6. It is so wonderful to have the moon in Aquarius.
    But I can tell from my life experiences that by having moon in Aquarius (nature) at times one can suffer alot.I wish everyone in the world have had moon in Aquarius,it was then when there was no need for a heaven outside this world.
    Whether cold or warm_ humanity comes first.And I don’t think someone who puts others first (be it; family,friends or the world) could be ignorant of peoples heartily feelings.
    People with moon in Aquarius could be best compared to a candle_ burns to give light to others.

  7. I am so thankful for having my moon in Aquarius given my rising sign is Scorpio. I think it makes me calmer and people always seem shocked when I tell them my actual star sign because I’m really not like a Scorpio at all. I don’t liek clingy people but I do love hleping people out and don’t take things too seriously.

    Love and Peace XxX

  8. To Kayleigh Me to im a Taurus sun Scorpio rising aquarius moon tho the Scorpio sure takes hold of our whole chart smothering the air moon quality at times.It is the hardest rising sign to have . I can be totally possessed one minute and really despondent the next I think its hard to be me and my partner doesn’t understand that when the earth or humanity hurts i do as well way much more than on a personal level .

  9. Hi, I’m moon aquarius, and yes it’s taken a while to figure out this “coolness”
    but, I like cool, emotional overload is liking having a sack of fireworks in your bra.
    my partner’s moon in scorpio – fire and ice? It’s like some balancing act, but
    never ever boring. Kudos for those ladies born moon in aquarius!~

  10. I love my aquarius moon, although its square my pluto which is not so great. However what is the point of hating your chart and placements, they arnt going to change! I think my moon goes very well with my libra sun and sag moon.

  11. I beleive astrology as a source of boundless truth but i also see it’s many fallacies. For example:I am a Pisces sun(feb.26)/Aquarius moon. The sun should outweigh the moon yet I demonstrate more traits of an aquarius native. If anyone has any insight I would be more than appreciative for feedback since I am a firm believer in the inherent truth of the philosophy of astrology.

  12. Mike….The 8th house is scorpio, you’re saying scorpio and pluto are death of feeling. Some aquarian moon must’ve burnt your ass to a crisp or something.
    I have the aquarius moon square pluto in scorpio
    and I can’t really put A finger on my emotional nature…It just is…

  13. i’m a libra with moon in aquarius and aquarius rising weird combo right? i also have my venus in virgo with mars in partner that i feel is totally my soul mater is a sun leo, scorpio rising his moon is in gemini with his mars in sagitarius and venus in virgo like myself. HE is rather mysterious and sexy and im highly attracted to him we have great chemistry and great sex but when it comes to expressing real emotions about love and all we don’t seem to come together as a couple or item. I love him dearly and i would love to explore more things with him as far as the love i feel for him i love both our independence,love of freedom, and our mysterious natures. I NEED Help to get more info about my LEO LOVER and find out wether really we are meant to be.

  14. I am a sun Scorpio and a moon aquarius and cap/aquarius rising cusp. I fit Aquarius so much more then scorpio in so many weays. They say your personality is more like your moon sign then your sun sign and that is very much me.

    I am always very friendly with people, but don’t like them to get to close, I like to have a wide circle of aquaintences from all walks of life. I am very much a humanitarian and sacrafice myself often for charity organizations. I am a very giving person and love to give back to the community and help the world at large. I root for the underdog and am a very forgiving person. I am avid fan of foriegn films, traveling, and meeting as many people I can.

    I tend to have more a very large amount of aquantences and people I prefer to keep a a far distance away from me then actual friends. I don’t enjoy getting to close to people or letting people get to personal with me. I am not a feelings person and feel very uncomfortable when friends try to get me to open up about my feelings when I prefer they just don’t know my feelings, they won’t be a friend of mine much longer if I start to open up to them I will cut them out of my life for good.

  15. Aquarius moon, Cancer sun, Libra rising! It’s an interesting life… very analytical and always interested in psychology and the behaviors of people. I love my moon placement. It gives me balance

  16. Moon in aquarius here with sun in cancer. venus in leo moon in 8th house. I love to feel and also give to the world, feel a sense of service as it is the right thing to do. Look to where uranus is in chart to give hints as to how aquarius likes to function and communicate to the moon. I have uranus in 5th trine mercury and jupiter. The moon is our reactive side and its ruler our purpose with that reaction.
    moon in aqaurius detached as emotions are intense, 8th house trine pluto, reason uranus in 5th, very excitable expression and feeling, in scorpio from the depths or soul, trine mercury and jupiter to expand the mind and consciousness.

  17. Having the moon on Aquarius cusp (although the Aquarius influence might get mixed up with my Aquarius rising) adds a saving grace to the moon’s function (compared to pure Capricorn moon). Capricorn moon’s emotions are present and even deep and persistent, but repressed like in a pressure cooker. I feel that the Aquarius Moon doesn’t repress emotions like Capricorn, but their emotions are more diffuse, ethereal, and oriented towards the collective. I can cry reading the newspaper with either a bad or a good event. I think that Aquarius moon is a bit part of emotional nobility: they allow high minded emotions and ethics to be expressed (compassion, impartiality, willingness to provide guidance even to strangers) and don’t feel the need for quid pro quo, and manipulating people. If Pisce moon is for saints, Aquarius moon is for angels…
    By the way, I much prefer an Aquarius moon to a Taurus moon where it’s supposed to be exalted… I don’t understand how it can be caring and sensitive in that sign…Stubborn and stable sure…

  18. @daniel22687 I was born Feb. 26 too with an Aquarius moon! I agree with what you’re saying too haha we’re twins then XD

    and I quite like the Aquarius moon though it can be cold and lonely sometimes, though I sincerely care for others…I just find clingy people to be the worst and get tired of people kind of easily if I hang out with them a lot, but isn’t that common?
    The Pisces sun balances things out, but also makes it really contradictory and a lot of people never suspect the cold pragmatic Aquarius moon side when they see my Gemini rising (and most people don’t even get past the rising to my quiet SUN sign)

  19. I’m a Libra sun, Leo rising and Aquarius moon. I love my combination of signs because Libra and Aquarius are pretty much opposite so I feel like I have a great balance. Fuck that mike dude lol

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