Moon in Scorpio


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  1. Warm hello. My name is Nina Aries-leo -moon in scorpio. Love this article. Very true about the death part (all of it). I enjoyed this very much.


    golden sword

  2. Hi there,

    I have the Moon in Scorpio, and I am always told that there is something demonic/evil about my way of being, although I never actually do evil things (maybe my Mars in Libra prevents me from it?). However, when it comes to writing I always take pleasure in presenting tragedy and the obscene. I think these two writings are very Scorpio-like (but only after reading your article did I think of it).

    Here are two examples:

    a short story

    a poem:,

  3. My father has moon in scorpio
    He loves horror movies
    When I was a kid he watched zombie movies constantly..
    This affected me I think as I would have constant nightmares about them and daydreams….I never really spoke up about them.I was a quiet kind of kid.
    His mother my grandmother .. wasnt a very nice person really.
    She lived far from us Ild go to stay each easter.
    basicly she was bad tempered critical and caustic would lash out when you least expect it.
    I think he choose to get away from her and stay away as young as possible.
    When she died a few years back I sat on the train talking to him asking if he had ever loved her he told me no which somehow broke my heart.
    I have scorpio rising
    That a person with this moon is surrounded by scorpio women is intresting to me…and looking at the family as a whole I think its very true
    My mother has south node scorpio and a scorpio energy about her.
    She adopted her sisters and brother when I was 2 years old as her mother died young.
    So the importance of this death*scorpio* lay heavily over our family.
    The youngest aunt (5yrs) was more like a sister to me she has scorpio south node and Pluto retrograde.
    My moon by the way is in Tarus
    When I was a child i had many vivid dreams some fun lots about zombies and running away *survival*
    but one reucurring one
    about being buried alive
    Coffin lid above me screaming shouting noone hearing…
    Im 38 now and im still here .. my mother left my father I stayed he needed me.. time past confidence undermined …Im still here like a creature denied life buried alive.
    I dont know how to get out
    I want to walk out of the darkness and into a place of light simplicity and love.
    Heal this karma by my actions My fathers mother is dead and she was the way she was because of her burdens only this.
    With Scorpio energy you have to take it straight on not run look it straight in its eye for what it is
    then bury it under a rock… the dead do not walk and remain to torture us…
    Only in our darkest dreams!

  4. Hi I have a scorpio Moon and my mom always told me that i’m possessive what mine is mine. I don’t struggle with jealousy though I have a very balanced birth chart with lots of conjuctions and no opposition and hardly any squares my scorpio moon conjucts pluto.

  5. I am a Sun in Leo, Aries Asc and Moon in Scorpio… Balancing the fixed driven/happy Leo and fixed intense/insane Scorpio is a major challenge. As my boyfriend remarked the other day after getting the chance to witnesses me overcoming yet another difficult obstacle (with a smile on my face) I had no control over, “God” likes to test you doesnt it?

    I totally relate to what you are saying about being too happy….For a long time I had the same fear but then I realized you cannot appreciate true happiness unless you have experienced deep pain. So I have become the proverbial iron fist behind the velvet glove and revell in my pain as a survivor of tests that would have certainly destroyed any non-scorpio moon mortal.

    As far as the revenge thing, I have noticed that as long as I do the right thing that karma seem especially on my side. Every single person who has inflicted pain on me has either greatly suffered or died. So I suggest to non-lunar Scorpios to never ever ever ever ever think you will get away with screwing one of us over on purpose. We can forgive an accident very easily because we understand the psychological limitations of the human condition and it just reiterates our superiority over mear mortals. But if you think you can go toe to toe with one of us you will be sadly mistaken…You will not even know that we know, we might even still talk to you acting like nothing happened but rest assured, We will get our revenge when you least expect it….

  6. Wow…so recently i have been shown the effects of the moon sign and i knew a little about it before but after reading this article many things in my life made sense. I’ve come to find myself VERY interested in astrology. It first began with my fascination with horoscopes in the back of magazines that i read back in middle school. i just recently turned 18 and just ended my first ever relationship. The whole time in the despite the happiness it brought me the thought of it ending anytime or eventually in the future always lingered under the surface of my happiness and because of this doubt i had it really effected my behavior in the relationship as a whole. >.<

  7. Also it explains the way i feel about being in relationships as well. My sun sign is in Libra and majority of information i fins says that I easily go in and out of many relationships but now i understand why i do not feel that way at all. Its because my moon is in Scorpio.

  8. ST, my sun is also in Libra & moon in Scorpio.

    I can definitely relate to the doubt I have in relationships; “the thought of it ending anytime or eventually in the future always lingered under the surface of my happiness.” & I’m in one now.

    I also have a keen interest in astrology.
    Now, all Scorpio moons have some form of outlets. I’d like to know what everyone’s is [besides sex]. Anyone else enjoy hot baths that most non-lunar Scorpios would consider intolerable?

  9. I’m Sun Aries, Moon Scorpio. Yes, I do like hot baths (doesn’t everyone?). People hardly every guess that I’m an Aries – I always seem too quiet, mysterious or strange. And oh so deep.

    I certainly have a tendency to push people and relationships away… And I certainly long for strong emotions and passions – it is difficult for me to find a suitable partner.

    My personal comment is that although Scorpio Moon is special – I don’t think we are any more special than other signs, just different. And I always believe that there is a light in the end of the tunnel. Things are not so dark or negative, because there are always people out there who will be compatible with us.

  10. LOOOOOOOVE the HOT baths! When I first began to find out about the other parts of my astro signs (VirgoSun.ScoprioMoon.LeoRising)and found that it was common for ScoprioMoon to take HOT baths I was like YEP that is me! It is very soothing and relaxing. The thing I find about being a Scoprio Moon is my ablilty to see thur the intentions of others almost like a glass. Its amazing sometimes how much I can read below the surface just…AMAZING!

  11. I think that was so beautifully written and very much of it applies to my life and my Scorpio moon friends lives as well.
    (Last Paragraph) about the cemetery..I recently spent an afternoon in a cemetery with a fellow Scorpio moon for a ‘girls day out’ and that is why I was looking up moon in Scorpio.
    And my story goes..realized I was in love with my best friend, he lived far away and instead of telling him I cut everyone important out of my life then found a most vicious, tragic, and dangerous person and married him..”provoking death itself”
    And now I am in transition making conscious choices to provoke life rather than death and tragedy and drama. Astrology is such a valuable tool to be utilized when making be aware of my tendencies and using that awareness to make positive changes in my life.
    Much of what I’ve read about moon in Scorpio usually implies or outright describes that this is a difficult position to have your moon in. We tend to choose to learn things ‘the hard way’ it seems.
    Me: Sun=Pisces Asc=Virgo Moon=Scorpio

    Thank you Alexandra for your beautifully written insight!

  12. My father has moon in Scorpio
    it applies to him very true.
    And he always took HOT bathes. The hotter the better
    Interesting as a moon in pisces I always felt deep love to him and deep connection despite the pain he gave to us.

  13. I am a Gemini with a Scorpio moon… So I unfortunately have an overwhelming urge to communicate my tragedies. Not good. Thankfully, I am a visual artist so that helps. But I also have a Cancer Venus which causes a bit of extra pain when burned by love, yet I still pine for the “great love”, which I then push away. Then I tell people about it through art that always has to do with pain and transformation.

  14. I’m a Leo Sun with Moon in Scorpio and Rising Capricorn. I always have conflicts with my Leo and Scorpio. Their are times I want to be the star of the stage and be mister popular. Other times I want to stay back and watch everything unfold. Only taking control if I feel it is very serious and people need help. Do any of you have mood swings? I can one day be very happy and hyper. The other I can be calm or depressed. (This could be due to my Mars in Gemini.) But, do any of you have diffrent moods?

    I also never took revenge. I knew deep down that Karma would catch up to whoever has done wrong. So, I let things go easily which I was made fun of for. (Called a Wimp, ect.)

    I can be extremly Jealous though. This really only happens in relationships. I got suspicious and jealous whenever my Girlfriend talks to other guys. I always tell her that she is lucky Im a nice Scorpio/Leo/Capricorn. By choice I always choose to be nice. I could be a controlling self centered abusive jerk if I wanted. (Mentally and Physically.) However, I do not. I do not like harming people or controlling them.

    I’m so happy that I found all of your discussions on this. I feel like someone understands me. Im gald Im not the only one.

    When I came out of my moms stomach. I was blue and could not breath. I thank my Scorpio Moon for giving me life. Im positive there is a connection. And\ Angel that watched over me.

    Do any of you have real bad lust issuses? I did espically when I was younger. I made great mistakes that I wish I could go back and change. They seem to have gone though.

    I have changed so much in my life. Early, I was a jerk towards pople and a bully. Now I’m a nice sweet loving caring guy. I also help people with their problems and stick up for people who are weaker.

  15. thanks for this article. Me and my sister have scorpio moons. We live together are sort of drifters and kind of overwhelmed about life’s experiences. We also do live near a river. No cemetery around but a mortician just around a corner.
    Also, my sister loves the hot baths, i guess i would too if i had time from all the more important stuff… like finding the secret of life.

    I must say i would happily trade this position of a chart. But it is a thing to be used for the good as everything is.

    Sorry, english isn t my mothers tongue.

  16. Dear Kathy,

    English is not my language, too. All my articles on this page were translated by profesionalist. But I can not ask for translating my comments :) So that is the main reason why I don’t replay so much on comments.
    Anyway, thank you for finding time to read the article, and tnx to you and other visitors for leaving comments and sharing your thoughts and expiriances.

  17. This article was interesting and pretty true about being happy one minute and feel like lifes a disaster the next. I’m a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon and Ascendant.

  18. I am a scorpio with moon also in scorpio. I am always living a drama even when none is imposed. Feelings are just too intense, even though i am often perceived as a ‘shallow’, tough and hard to get close to person. And yes, i enjoy extremly hot baths!

  19. OMG!!! never saw such a beautiful description and so true… i felt like i had written this myself… moon in scorpio…. i have it too…
    loved it

  20. woman warrior I like that and this article was so good it moved me to tears :)

    Currently I am recovering from a bad love affair with you guessed it a dangerous man. He is a “pimp” and of coarse me being the naive cancer sun I am (and 18 years old at the time) I didnt even know what I was getting into!! Thankfully 4 months ago I left him (I had to call the cops for assistance :) )… I knew it was going to end bad and it did to wear I killed any feelings I ever had for him….I really hit rock bottom and this article so explains how I feel in many ways. I can hide my past very well and most people in my life dont even know half my story!! It is my deepest darkest secret …and during that time I did live by a cemetary.

    and miss beka from what you said about the revenge thing I totally agree with you….Many times I had to resist the great temptation to get revenge on my so called enemies and gosh I had such great plans to put forth towards them! (I was an exotic dancer and you can only imagine what kind of environment i was pitted into) BUT I have realized that when I hold it back and let karma do its work for me I get the sweetest revenge in the end and almost always come out on top ;)

  21. I have moon, mercury, mars and neptune all within 3 degrees cj in scorpio-yea, well more a victim of the lustful man- held captive for 9 months, often wicked boyfriends, and powerless to escape, able to defend but not escape without years of suffering and tragedy. Intelligent, but duped in love. LOVE hot baths since young. Always persisting, but a long row to hoe. Mesmerizingly sexy, but finding the ordinary man too ordinary. Or feeling that one can see thru people’s motivations as if it were sufficient protection from them.

  22. I love hot baths. I am an Aquarian with a Scorpio Moon. I see light but feel darkness. I love people but feel a strong desire to not get to close. I love sharing thoughts with people but due to my nature, regret it. I am pulled to be free but my emotions and inner torment keep me imprisoned. I have read that Scorpio’s evolve. Beginning as a Scorpion, an Eagle and eventually into a Dove. This definitely feels like a personal journey. I’m learning to not take life personally and to forgive everything. I also am learning that I have no control only to self rule and to honor the will within. I don’t know if I will or can understand life, so judgment of anything will not aide. Deep inside I feel the answers are there. If I could just sit and let them surface. Maybe that is another reason I enjoy hot baths. Self Discipline feels painful but necessary. I feel the child within who seems to ache for it, but she is afraid of boredom and hum drum. I’m tired….of being a warrior against life. I want to be a WARRIOR FOR LIFE!!!! Bringing the darkness into the LIGHT.
    Wishing infinite love and gratitude for all that is seen and unseen

  23. My Moon is in Capricorn and i married to a girl with Moon in Scorion with Venus. We love intensly but my wife has deep tendency of Sarcasm, Anger, Control and Jealousy. She believes in Astro & Occult and for every action she confronts it with Planetary Effect.

    Her sarcasm never ends and her Controlling attitude has seperated us. She is too revengeful and goes to any limits.

    Moon + Scorpio + Venus very dangerous.

  24. My Moon is in Capricorn and i married to a girl with Moon in Scorion with Venus. We love intensly but my wife has deep tendency of Sarcasm, Anger, Control and Jealousy. She believes in Astro & Occult and for every action she confronts it with Planetary Effect.

    Her sarcasm never ends and her Controlling attitude has seperated us. She is too revengeful and goes to any limits.

    She is Sagitarius by Sun

    Moon + Scorpio + Venus very dangerous.

  25. eh. I’m a scorpio rising with an aries moon, which means other people view me as dark and complicated when i’m actually quite shallow. however i do get angry easily and when it does come out ( i usually attempt suppress it) it is really, really terrible and i end up feeling guilty about it for two minutes. then i move on to the next thing. i also find that, despite having no air element in my birth chart, i am (except for getting angry) extremely detached and apathetic and analytical (Mars in virgo). i think the only real emotion i ever felt in my life was anger and impatience.

    i also find that although i would love to go and have some really intense experiences, i usually shy away in the end. my aries moon and cancer sun always tells me to do things that comfort myself instead of things that don’t.

  26. To Nadine

    I am Aquarian with scorpio moon – I love saunas and cold plunges. The evolution – scorpion – eagle – dove is very comforting; may be there is a way. My struggle now is to kill the the loop of destruction and renewal and so rising to be Eagle. Eagle must see the whole landscape to target the kill. Wisdom and choice of kill leads to dove and peace.

  27. yeah hi i have a moon in scorpio too with a libra sun. what’s up my peeps? just hanging out here, noticed that i pretty much experience what all you guys do. even if i try to deny it, lol! …extreme moving emotions, compassion, revenge, sorrow, great memory. enough to drive me nuts, lol!

  28. Hello! I loved reading your blog…it spoke to me in many ways and allowed me to think deeply about motivations.

    As a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon/Asc I feel like my emotion, passions, wants and needs are constantly in conflict with what I should do, say, and act. Ie, I think my Virgo sun keeps my inner Scorpio in check.

    However, I don’t think Scorpio moons suffer a destiny of tragedy or fate more than most people do. What we do is seek out stimulation, people, and situations that then brings on these things. So we CAN make a conscious decision to not go to that extreme depth, but rather learn to be more transcending.

    Because there are two sides to Scorpios -the stinging scorpion and the phoenix rising. Which Scorpio are you? Personally through trials of life, I have learned to become a phoenix…rebirth is a constant in my life and so I have decided to look towards spirituallity over death and darkness in my life.

    That doesn’t mean that other side of Scorpio isn’t there from time to time…Anyone else out there has a propensity of having a little too much of a wild night out from time to time? lol :)

    I feel as thou Scorpio moon folks suffer from what I call “Immediate Karma”…I screw up, I pay for it immediately. I do something nice, and I see rewards pretty quickly. I also believe that if someone wrongs me, Karma will take care of it…so I don’t have a revengeful outlook. :)

    You so beautifully stated “that values life only when it resembles a sort of true struggle”. So true…I only feel alive when I am in a moment of struggle trying to be in the moment, trying to overcome something greater than me. This also makes me not sympathize very well with people who are lazy and whiny…

  29. Katgrrl

    “only feel alive when I am in a moment of struggle” That is the trap, the loop.

    Like the mating dance of actual scorpions. They could cannabalise each other in a flash – the powerful urge to mate but fear of the closeness. So they clasp pincers and struggle to pass sperm.

  30. “also men with this position of the Moon carry within them an inevitability, that values life only when it resembles a sort of true struggle, a jump into a volcano; often found in charts of dangerous, fanatic characters that readily launch themselves in the path of danger and death”

    hahahaha totally

    Moon12 Mars12 Saturn10 3rd house Scorpio

  31. I have the Moon & 5 other planets in Scorpio & three others in the 8th. It’s a spiritual death, but one that is caused by merging with another. We create a new world with another & when that falls, we fall. But at some point the Scorpio learns to fly as an eagle & to do that we have to fly alone. That is when we meet our mate in the sky, cause he/she flies next to us, follows us into eternity, cause eternity is now. Every ending is just a new beginning.

  32. My Sun in Capricorn, My Moon in Scorpio. I feel like this every day. I think of flying from tree to mountain, city to city. That when I jump through a broken window nothing can harm me. Everytime I did something interesting I have to let it go because it clashed with something or someone elses passions. I don’t have a religious base just that I am Maori from New Zealand and astrology connects with our culture. I also have Neptune in Scorpio. My mum has her Sun in Scorpio and all of my close friends.

  33. Life is Death. Death is life. Reality is pain.
    Truth is the most beautiful yet most painful reality.
    And beauty exists in the most painful love.

    Moon in Scorpio

  34. Oh my god, your writing is so true it is painful;I am a scorpio moon and my mum died tragically when i turned 5, and I have always had this knowledge or feeling of ending and death, being so strong I caused the breakup of my marriage to a special and good person.It hurts so much to love, and I am sad alone though it feels inevitable.There is such a destiny in this moon, and I feel so true to it’s imprint on my life.

  35. I am a Capricorn with Moon in Scorpio. For the most part my emotions r very heightened, but I have very strong Aquarius placements, inluding venus, so I am very relaxed on the outside alot of times…people would think, but really boiling on the inside. I don’t like 2 let people c my emotions, weaknesses, or feel like I need them n ne way. Plus, I hate the feeling of not having control n ne and every situation.

  36. I’am a virgo with Moon in Scorpio, and yeah having bein virgo with virgo in my sun and mercury,well my goodness its everyday witnessing my emotions is like witnessing the constant creation of new universe. I get strong imaginative energies and sensations at night. Most especially for me on the negative side lets say i forgive buti never forget, i’ve got entire , mentals stats on many friends and family who unnecessarily done me dirty in these constant fleeting moments of life, and for the big picture i want revenge, but i would like people to learn from the lessons of my revenge. My revenge is quite teactful, maybe it has to do with my Mars in Capricorn.

  37. To fellow Scorpio moons, what do you do about feelings of possessiveness/jealousy?…
    Gosh, not to mention loves, just to friends I am already (extremely) possessive… with just once leaving me for another friend, I took revenge on her. But… if you have reasons why you go off, I’ll usually forget it. Just that we won’t be friends anymore.
    Jealousy? O-M-G. I’m jealous of everything and everyone… but I just never say it out. Instead, I brood it, under the cover that I was studying… So people think that I’m ultra-Virgo (I am), and not even prepared for an outburst.
    By the way, anyone here a leo ascendent? I want to know whether ascendents affect our personalities~~

  38. OMG! I’m born on the cusp of Aries/Taurus, on a full moon in Scorpio. I’ve been through the wringer in this life, and I’m always afraid that if I don’t control everything and everyone around me; all will be lost or stolen from me again. I’ve recently had 2 affairs with men that also have the moon in Scorpio…and must say that I’ve never been able to find an emotional and sexual connection with other men, like I did with each of them. Strange to say; but I know they’ll be back. There’s an understanding of the need of the other to to pull away, let the death happen, and await the rebirth. Magical and intense…a bit scary too.

  39. in response to not thinking non lunar’s can’t go toe to toe with you…
    I’ve gone up against many sun and lunar scorpios and not once been messed over. Quite the opposite actually. For me scorpios are thee easiest out of all signs for me to break down, and fast.

    I’m a virgo sun/lunar libra mercury and mars in virgo and venus leo as well as scorp/sag cusp rising.

    No idea how all that works especially with my libra moon.
    I tent to let things go but if a scorp keeps pestering i will strike back and shatter them completely. I can usually see their steps before they know it themselves.

    Can be the best friend or their worst nightmare. And i warn them when i see it coming too.

    Its hit or miss for me. Married a scorp sun,moon, two of my closest buds are scorp suns and two others are lunar scorps. One of the suns is really chilled, ad one of the scorp moons is a total sweetie (strong cancer in his chart) the other lunar is also a sweetie but he def has a dark side, fave partner in crime! Hehehe!

  40. I am fed up of life at the moment. Fed up of the whole cycle of picking myself up, rising from the ashes, achieving some major success, having someone jealous steal the success or destroy my efforts for me, having nothing but bad relationships with men, having a completely unsupportive family who blame me when someone hurts, abuses or betrays me, including them. Am watching all my school friends married happily with babies and here I am living unhappily with parents as an adult following the latest trauma. My mother doesn’t hug me when I cry… and I have more reason to cry than most. I feel like people get sick and tired of hearing me upset about yet another thing. “Always a sob story with you” says my cruel heartless brother. Start to wonder if I am to blame for the people who attack me, which is messed up thinking because it is only them who decided on their actions. When I was younger I was a punk and a real fighter. But at some point I just got sick of fighting and decided not to defend myself, wrongly thinking this was the cause of my ‘bad instant karma’… I am seeing that like it or not, I have to defend myself. Even if I look like a bitch (and plenty of people seem to make me think I am when all I am doing is self defense)… I threw a shot glass at a guy who broke into my house and tried to attack me at knifepoint when I saw him a few months later and guess what happened? My then boyfriend beat me up in front of my attacker even though I had explained who he was before throwing the shot glass. My story is a really rubbish one. That is one of many incidents. My best friend died yesterday. My family are picking on me at the moment, which is what they do whenever something really painful and tragic happens… and something bad happens at least once a year or two. I get fed up of watching other people get away with doing much worse things and no instant karma… like my attacker- completely got away with it… plus got to watch as I was punished for my reaction to him. I must have been an awful person in a past life. I have done so much work on myself because everyone around me has always told me to change and I was getting such bad things happen that I thought if I changed these things would stop. I don’t want to be alone. Other people seem to have an easy life compared to me- because all the small normal challenges and the big normal challenges and pains they go through, I go through too… but I also have a tonne of trauma on top of it all. So fed up of this. It seems there is nothing I can do to change what I attract. I have done so much meditation and stuff like that to cure me of my needs… because my needs are unreasonable yet everyone else’s are reasonable??? I have been around the wrong people for sure. I am sick and tired of people turning their back on me when I need them the most and then telling everyone proudly how strong I am. I am just a normal human being you know. What hurts me, would hurt them too… yet because I am ‘strong’ they think I need less help. I actually think I need more. I don’t think any man would love me if he knew my past- well no good man.

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