Moon in Virgo


I moved this article on my website.

You can read it here: Moon in Virgo

One thought on “Moon in Virgo

  1. The page has a very cool layout, I love the art. And I know that you put a lot of effort into writing everything. I just think that each description in and of itself seems too absolute to consider the dynamics in personality with all the stellar bodies combined.
    For example, I’m a Virgo moon, and my Lilith is placed in Leo. In your description of Lilith in Leo, it seems so opposite of me, especially since I’m such a quiet person. My ascendant is in Virgo as well. The adjectives implied in the description of character just seem so “black or white with no space in between” that it makes it a little hard to understand.
    A lot of what you say makes sense. I just don’t consider myself to come across as very ego-driven; I’m just mostly serious but I don’t talk very much, and I don’t imply much either. I wish I could be more ego driven and talkative. I hope that people don’t “willingly and blindly” follow me. I hope that people see any value if any in following me.
    My sun is in Capricorn; I’m just not used to being a leader, but a lot of my astrology tells me that I’ll be more successful later in life (I’m 21)
    If you have any answers, that would be sweet.

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