4 thoughts on “Yearly horoscope for 2009.

  1. wow! This article is very in-depth, and although I don’t understand a lot of what you write from the point of view of a woman living in Serbia – I do believe in what you’re saying. Especially that the skies are in us. I love what you wrote about how we can bring about positive change for our fellow humankind by making small changes ourselves (picking up that trash, as you say).

    thank you for writing this Sanja!


    ps. I still look forward to reading your article on Moon in Libra ;)

  2. Hi, Dan! and thanks for comments…
    finally, I put links in the right-sidebar so you can easily find Moon in Libra… :)

    p.s. i won’t change layout anymore.. i promise :)

  3. I found a typo. But I guess I better balance this statement and say something good at the same time. Very well done. Love the tone and over all message. Says things I’ve found my self explaining to people and further elaborates. I’m gonna direct some friends to this to hammer in a point I was making about using the word concede rather compromise, as the sub-conscious hears all meanings, and compromise has many bad connotations, while concede has only good. It also just so happens I have moon in Aries, which as I have read means I have an uncompromising spirit, and pose the question what satisfaction is their in compromise.

    More satellites in space means more static. A lot more people realized they were psychic before all the power lines went up with their static pollution. Hundreds of years ago people wouldn’t have seen the need for a telephone, as they could actually hear their thoughts, and subsequently the thoughts others were sending them. In Atlantis they had crystal grid networks set up through which they could remotely transmit audio visual information, and this info would be received and amplified with the same power it was sent with. They also had one big crystal the generated all their food and all the power for their communication, and transport ion. Anything on the same frequency as this crystal could run of the energy generated through sympathetic resonance. Meaning no batteries, bus far, gas burning, power boards or pwr lines, and it was on a frequency that didn’t drain the planet or our bodies, and actually charged, and harmonized with both. The problem was they taped into the powers of the mind will disregarding the heart, and emotions. They thought they could access more powers of the mind by turning off other chakra’s, which created a huge imbalance and resulted in destruction. This was in combination with drilling into the planet a km or so to tap into the energy fields down their. Energy fields meant for that layer of the crust and not for the surface, they were warned against this, and even told what would happen if they continued in this way. They were greedy and kept at it, inviting their destruction.

    I guess all these power lines and static pollution are just constriction that challenge our psychic powers to function despite all the hindrance. After all if their existed nothing but natural psychic energies, how would we know their true power, were it not for artificial distractions.

    seen here

    “So that is what, among other things, Pluton in Capricorn is (who is there, as I said, from the end of 2008), that is the image of our (but also world) politicians who will now surround themselves by entire armies of bodyguards. ”

    Love & Light

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