Lilith in Aquarius


I moved this article on my website.

You can read it here:Lilith in Aquarius


11 thoughts on “Lilith in Aquarius

  1. me, um… and then some more me. so now a very confused cappy with taurus rising and gemini moon. self has alot of explaining to do, could have used a sign with some direction in it!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. To new understandings and beyond!!……;)

  2. This was really enlightening! The first really detailed interp I have seen in the signs. But I’m wondering if the strenght of a planet being in conjunct is stronger as I have Mars conjunct my Black moon Lilith and what what you wrote for Lilith in Aries rings true too.

    I have a Blog devoted to Lilith so I was very interested to see the work you have done here withher. I am looking at all the good Lilith references on the web and will add links to them including yours shortly.

  3. Wonderful and intriguing astrology site you have! I have looked through your art, and what terrific photography as well. Thank you for sharing…

  4. I love your article! I think it is the best one on-line about Lilith in Aquarius! I have my true and mean Lilith conjunct my Ascendent in Aquarius, and my Black Lilith in Aquarius too! I have learned to follow my heart, do what I know to be true and to follow my creative passions! I have often been called to help people who I don’t get along with, yet I do it from the heart! I have this weird magnetism with electrical appliances and often gain revelations unexpectedly through thunderstorms, and technology, and others say that my touch is ‘electrical’ and spontaneous remissions( from terminal illnesses) have occurred . I have always been ‘the black sheep’ have lost jobs and friendships because of my insights/knowledge and differences, yet I don’t care for populace opinion or conventions, and am happiest when doing my own thing, living creatively in the moment and initiating the uninitiated (when they ask and am ready) :).

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