Lilith in Aries


I moved this article on my website.

You can read it here: Lilith in Aries


One thought on “Lilith in Aries

  1. “All people with Lilith in Aries have a pronounced need to retaliate when hurt.They do not forgive themselves emotional humilitation, so after a tragic emotional experience women with Lilith thus positioned often become ruthless and unattainable for men, strict toward other women, blaming the whole female gender because of their unlucky love, while men enter into relationships without emotions, usually with frail and vulnerable, much younger, inexperienced partners that will surely not dispute their masculinity and power!”

    Wow this is a great example for micheal jackson and his two child molestation charges…micheals tragic emotional experiance could be his father beating him when he was younger :( very sad example but this is the DARK side of the moons influence

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