3 thoughts on “Lilith in Capricorn

  1. Thank you for this amazing post :)

    I do have Lilith in Capricorn, and unfortunately is finding much truth in what you are writing…

    I do have a question: Lilith is at 16 degrees capricorn, while my sun is at 21 degrees capricorn. Would you consider these two conjunct? Also, how would you interpret this conjunction? It is is in the second house, sag on the cusp, cap intercepted.

    Thank you again for this instructive site :)

  2. Thank you really good post and interpretation of Lilith in Capricorn. I have this placement and have experienced much of what you have said. Especially with success being connected to sex. That could explain why I am not successful but have all that it takes to be. Strange things happen to me in the work place always or money strangely is held back in strange ways. Is there anyway to break this or are we doomed in fame and money forever? Thanks again.

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