Lilith in Leo


I moved this article on my website.

You can read it here: Lilith in Leo

14 thoughts on “Lilith in Leo

  1. I know I’m special, I have always known since I was an itty bitty kid. I’ve always wanted to be noticed in the public and I have always been good at drawing attention towards myself. No one I’ve known has the energy and flair that I do so I know this is accurate.

  2. Now I know why I keep abondon old friends and why I hate working in teams/groups,I despise that’s all soo true!
    Now I know why ppl keep saying that I should be an actor.
    I have noticed that ppl do what I want,I just look into their eyes and say what they have to do,the next day,they come to me and ask “How did you made me to do that?” are you “The Devil” or something…?
    Yeah,that’s true also,that I like being in the spotlight.
    That’s all true! Thank you for this fabulous article.
    NB:I loveee the picture,you have great talent! ^^

  3. O yeahhh! Hardcore!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ty for the message! Good job.Awesome,this blog makes all clear now.Darker flair!

    Awesome job Sanja! You’r awesome!

  4. Thanks for that.Explains a lot of my behaviour through the years which I hadnt realised the cause of.

  5. I don’t think this is me at all. I detest being in the spotlight and I don’t think I’m all that special. I definitely don’t think that “the end justifies all means”.
    The only part that I can relate to is that I’m very stubborn and that I run away from relationships when it gets tough since I have really low self esteem and I’m really afraid of rejection.

  6. hahaha … this explains a lot … but I’m not really trying to be under the spotlight, I mean really, really

  7. The object of my greatest obsession really is what people may call, “evil”. Although I don’t accept evil to be real, I am fixated by the public concepts swirling around evil things and tend to live on the edge of the abyss. All the while I suffer the double life (Gemini Sun)of being the unmerciful leader (Mars in Taurus + Lilith in Leo) and obedient one who bides his time in terms with my master plan.

  8. your new website, is not fun… it takes forever to load and i just dont understand why you couldnt post a seperate link to your site.. was there a need to move the entire article? it makes no sense to me.

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