Lilith in Libra


I moved this article on my website.

You can read it here: Lilith in Libra


5 thoughts on “Lilith in Libra

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  2. “This is exactly how these people think, especially women who sooner or later sail into the net of a crafty seducer, experienced and charming man, who often times beside him already has another woman when he appears in their life. These are also women of fatal beauty which can, at some point in time, be their detriment, either because of a jealous husband or a maniac that may overtake them. ”

    Who are you talking abouut “woman of fatal beauty”, the lil in libra person is of fatal beauty? or the “other woman” of the seducer is already involved with?

    Also, does guys (charmer guy)who crush on fatal beauties, rather than being involved with them count?

    And, is this the same lilitj were talking about? #1181?

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