Lilith in Pisces


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8 thoughts on “Lilith in Pisces

  1. WOw, this description of Lilith in Pisces truly hit right to the spot for me! I’ve been to tons and tons of Psychiatrists, I constantly live in a dream world full of illusions, and I have a lot of nervous and mental (“soul”) problems. A very good and accurate description, I’m totally stunned.

  2. I’m surprised this is somewhat accurate. Even if I don’t have a psychiatrist, I still have dreams, illusions, and unusual senses. I do need some kind of mental help at some times, but I try to work that out with myself. My sun sign is a Cancer, moon in Leo, and rising sign Sagittarius. I am a working artist too. Amazing information on Lilth in Pisces.

  3. This was the best description of my ‘Lilith in Pisces’ to date. You were spot on with so many elements:
    *The feeling that I’m living in a illusory world.
    *The intuition and ESP.
    *The need for psychoanalysis at times (actually very important in my life – necessary to keep me in touch with what everyone else sees and experiences)
    *I avoid all drugs and ‘dreamy’ therapies such as hypnosis, because I have always sensed deep down that they could do me more harm than good. Fine for some, but not for me.
    *Needing to assume the role of ‘victim’ within a relationship.

    But the best point for me was the one which said….. ‘a strong pathological need to belong to someone, to love someone fatally, as a deity.’….

    My biggest, cruelest and all consuming part of my life is that I have never felt truely loved by anyone or anything. It seems like no-one has the ability to love me in a way that is sufficient or comforting. This feeling is intensified by Liliths positioning.

    I live like a leaf in the wind, bidding my time, waiting for the end of this harsh and heavy existence.
    Many thanks

  4. Wow. deep n informative. To leona, ur last statement resonates with me. granted all the perversion/delusions?!/and love saga, we r also deeply spiritual beings,yes we r Real, i wouldn’t expect others to validate this because they can’t SEE like we do. People do live partially in the spirit realm n the physical realm simultaneously. a beautiful writer by the name of “ben okri” touchs on this at depth.

    just by the wording of ur expression, the last statement u made, i recognized it immediately.

    my words r obscored n pours out of me backwards so communication is still tough for me, words r 2 restrictive to express the boundless energy inside me.i chat more on the net than i do physically talk.

    i have to work on my telekinesis and psychic ability, its very strong n destructive(not against self but others). lol

  5. i took lsd when i was younger but not by choice; it was an ‘accident’ given to me by a so-called guy who wanted to date me. i was able to, under the drug read people’s thoughts and know exactly waht they said. when i relayed this to my girlfriend she was really afraid/slightly shocked. i stay away from anything hallucinagenic and it scares me of what i can see through the ‘veil’….

  6. So that’s where I’ve been all this time, in my ParallelUniverse!

    Wonderful write-up. Thanks for your time!


  7. Well, except for the part of intuition which at periods is quite intense and the fact that i insist on living in a pink world of my ethics and ideals, the rest do not really seem to represent me …

  8. the sense of living in another world, yes, i can relate to that, choosing isolation and i suppose some kind of victimhood, yes to that too, for me it’s a sense that someone i loved deeply died and now i can’t open up to love anymore, it’s too painful…

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