Lilith in Taurus


I moved this article on my website.

You can read it here: Lilith in Taurus

3 thoughts on “Lilith in Taurus

  1. i am a bit confused; i have scorpio moon, and i just read a whole lot about the moon shutting all emotion up and refusing to feel, then i come here to lilith in taurus, which is also where it is positioned on my chart, and it tells me in enjoy pleasure to the max…

    so which is it?

  2. This hits it pretty well for me!! (; Not only that, but I am a Scorpio, My Juno is in Scorpio, my Moon in Leo, & my Rising is in Taurus!! My Venus is either in Leo or Libra. I think Libra. Any who, other than that I am a very loyal bird. Since I’ve fallen in my 1st love & departed I am waiting for that One and only special True Love!!! So No I don’t hop around at all, but i can still enjoy myself along the way!! LOL!!

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