3 thoughts on “Story of Saturn and Uranus

  1. Site Bookmarked!! I usually dont comment on blogs, but this is an awesome piece of work. I finally found1 that Im into… I’ll be back often.

  2. hey there this is a great insight into the matter – i wonder what you think about different generations: and effects different combinations of saturn and uranus create. for example mine is uranus in sagittarius (fall) and the all so hated saturn in scorpio. any thoughts on that?

  3. I am a great fan of your site, especially your work with Lilith. Aesthetically it feels quite homely in here, you’ve mustered a beautiful energy.

    I say, until I read your story of Saturn and Uranus I was quite certain I had them figured out, at least on my own chart, but you bring something new and creative to the scene – leaving me wondering, searching… yet again.

    I think if you were a mind of a few generations earlier, you would have been up there with many of the Great Writers, but alas, you are instead a great writer in your own rite – and an honorary mind of today – Honors.

    Need I say keep up the good work?

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