3 thoughts on “Saturn’s Sade Sati

  1. I must say that this is truly wonderful approach on what may occur during Sade Sati, how to understand internal changes and finally what kind of attitude towards circumstances is most welcome while Sade Sati is running. I loved tree analogy very much.

    However, when using asset from different astrology system, perhaps the best solution is to use it accordingly to parameters of that system. Namely, to calculate Moon’s longitude in sidereal zodiac and use it as reference zodiac sign when observing Saturn’s transit over 12th, 1st and 2nd sign therefrom.

    P.S. I assume that statement “Saturn represents agriculture” implies on interpretation of Saturn in Western Astrology (perhaps because Chronos is holding reaping hook…). In Vedic Astrology caste (Varna) is dedicated to each planet (even nowadays we can dedicate cast to each and every existing branch). Moon belongs to Vaishya caste. Vaishyas are supposed to create or trade with resources/products. In terms of modern times, agriculturists and stock market brokers in fact share the same caste. Exaltation of Moon is in Taurus, the one which feeds us. Saturn is Shudra, meaning-servant.

  2. Are the dates written correct ? I mean – my moon sign is in leo and i was told saade saati would last till saturn trasits Virgo which would be till 2012 but you write above that its over in Sept 2009. Can you please clarify as if I am out of it, I would like to pen my experiences and I feel you have brilliantly captured it above. ….


    I was also told that my sade sati started in September 2004 and would end August 2012, i too am Simha (Leo) Rashi.

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