6 thoughts on “Decorate your home according to the horoscope

  1. So there’s the explanation! Always living in rented, old places (4th in Scorpio) and desperately dreaming of a tiny little bright shiny castle (Moon in Leo).

    I really enjoyed reading your article! Thank you!

  2. haha, very nice. I have my IC in taurus, and Jupiter there( 4th house ) I must say… i do love my creature comforts. Go moon & mars in the 2nd house! :D

  3. That makes sense. My apartment is always a mess (4th pisces). My floor is always covered with books, paper, empty water bottles and stuff to donate in piles. Everyday I wish I could get all this junk off the floor and get rid of half my furniture (moon in aquarius). It just makes me crazy. I hate clutter but I can’t stop creating it!

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