Mars in Scorpio

Mars is in Scorpio until the 28 of October

Bitterness. Rage. The defiance of time passing by. Which says, “You cannot stop time or life itself with your power, oh, you, god of the warriors, courageous, and the uncompromising! There is no principle of yours that can put a stop to our ephemerality. “And can this Mars in Scorpio, that will be streaming through our beings until the end of October, really bring that naïve and expected Martian optimism, aiming towards its goal with euphoric enthusiasm, full of self admiration, existence, life? No… this is a story about the hopelessness of strength, courage, will, this is the awful truth that one day everything, and I mean everything, will find its way into the river of death… read more »

One thought on “Mars in Scorpio

  1. Wicked article,I have MiS at my Birth Chart also,first I saw my BC,started to analyze it,it came all sense,it’s a poweful placement,I feel soo energized lately,it’s probably because of this! XD

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