Planetary Dispositors (or, some thoughts on Saturn in Scorpio, Pluton in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo and Uranus in Aries)

Today I want to write about planetary dispositors. Traditional astrology has generally looked upon the planetary dispositors as the final response to the meaning of an aspect in a horoscope. Dispositors are therefore about PLANETS (not astrological signs). For example when we say that a person is an Aries, it means that her Sun is in Aries, further meaning that Mars, who is the ruler of Aries, is also the dispositor of the Sun. You will also find on the internet more about dispositors locally rather than globally, so if you have Mars squaring Venus, with for example Mars in Cancer and Venus in Aries, and then also if the Moon (dispositor of Mars since the Moon is the ruling planet of Cancer) and Mars (as the dispositor of Venus) are also in a difficult aspect, what you have here is a story of intense passion, inevitable destruction, un-acceptance, great struggle and a bigger conflicts in love than if the dispositors (Moon an Mars) of this same square were in a trine.. There, they will still somehow bear with each other.

But if we talk about global happenings, dispositors are more than significant, but then again rarely mentioned. Uranus is in Aries since March, where he will stay for quite a while, approximately another 7 years. During all that time his dispositor will be Mars, but it seems that even this Mars, who is hovering over our heads now, isn’t the same old Mars that we used to know. This Mars carries from March until further on, information he more or less gets from Uranus. This is a different rebellious Mars, who is not diligent anymore, he is now known to be giving up on everything, throwing away his tools, dismissing everyone, destroying everything, and demanding that anarchy be the new world order. The signs through which he goes through (Gemini at the moment) just show the scene, people and other events where this ‘new’ nature of his will manifest itself. This is what makes him more dangerous, unpredictable, prone to changes of heart, sudden decisions, able to get angry in a second, and he who was known to be unbearable, now is even worse, irritable, and insufferable. We will witness this at best during his passage through Virgo that will take almost 8 months (from November 2011- July 2012) Since Virgo is also about the work environment, apart from notices and strikes that are already causing problems, this also means raids, riots, chaos (as opposed to order)- we will be asking ourselves what happened to the exemplary, ”by the book“ Mars in Virgo, who now instead of training everyone else and being a role model, is setting libraries on fire, mocking knowledge and undermining all that effort man has put in to becoming human, all morality, values, the system, and that biggest illusion of his that he believed in – righteousness. Righteousness stays in the books and this is why he will be burning them, books, rules, he will turn laws into criminal ones, and make work look like nonsense. Who burned the wheat fields? Remember that? That is the picture of Mars in Virgo, who burns down all sorts of fruits, achievements, especially now, with Uranus.

Same thing with Venus, who wherever she is now seems to be carrying some sort of sadness, chill or eminence, while Saturn is in Libra because she is his dispositor.  She is being very serious now, although overwhelmed with doubt, busy- no time to spare, rational- she also, started thinking …Now while in Cancer, she goes to the shrink, the astrologer, she wants to ‘understand’ what’s going on, and during her transit through Cancer I got served, at home, with not a lover, but a piano (Saturn in Libra). But when she enters Leo, there she goes chasing after her very long sought ambition, instead of just swaying her hips on a dance floor. And then next year when she goes retrograde in Gemini (from April to August 2012) you will see even the most frivolous conversation turn into a dead serious one, nobody has time to chat anymore, and everything superficial and frivolous turns into something that despises shallowness more than anything. Well if nothing else, there is no better aspect for art and creation, or taking your vows –there will be marriages then, because there will be no stalling, but also lying and cheating – but not successful ones so be careful not to get caught, because it will mean separation and divorce.

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