Is there any kind of order, Mars and Saturn ask themselves, whether they find themselves in a bad or good aspect in your chart, or whether any one of these planets meets the other during it’s transit through the sky, which happens to all of us several times a year… Is there justice? Where are the crimes and where are the punishments? Why do I always have to go in headfirst and only after the fifth time, when I am almost left without strength, a door will finally open? Why is it that I never seem to achieve anything when I am elated, but only when I have calmed down, when the anger quiets down, when I am almost ready to give up on everything during that endless wait for some action that I always seem ready for? Why does it takes ten years of some apparent peace and quiet only to be making a decision in one day, and as many before me, have to start from scratch and build everything up again? And do I always, and I mean always have to fight this battle completely alone? How hard it is even for me, Mars the warrior, to pull out the Excalibur from the stone and start my conquests that I keep summoning and wishing for? The questions are the same, same is the understanding of the world and people- whether Mars and Saturn are in a good or bad aspect, the difference is that the person with a bad aspect will often without compromise declare people and the world as a state of constant anarchy and often become uncompromising himself, unscrupulous, difficult to others and even himself; seeing his life as a battle against everyone which he has to face alone, and driven by the fear that if he waits, if he tries to be patient and finds peace within himself, that silent call, he will then give up on everything because he wont have any strength left… read more

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