“I am sure if you analyze your feelings, you will find you love Justine better because she betrayed you!… The whore is man’s true darling as I once told you, we are born to love those who most wound us “

(Lawrence Durrell – The Alexandria Quartet, Balthazar)

Venus is entering Pisces tonight and will stay there until February 8.

When I saw this instead of my usual announcement on facebook, I spontaneously put up an astro-quiz – and asked people, by which Venus would they describe all the whores on this planet. I put up a video with pictures of prostitutes, which had all the symbols and environments of Pisces: doorways, dark passages and streets, hidden hotel rooms that hide all screams and moans. Black lace, high heels, (feet are the symbol of Pisces, all footwear and fetishes that tend to go that way, lace and especially fishnet stockings.) All these women are alone; they don’t even have their own identity. Once upon a time they had a name, today they have fake names and nicknames. Many of them don’t even have any documents, and often end up in a police station. All that smudged make up, all those teary eyes, lonely nights which bare the uncertainty of tomorrow, all that is wandering, it is hopelessness, despair, the bitterness of tears cried everyday. And who she is, nobody knows..  nobody knows what she dreams about, no one knows her fears, or what her favorite color is. Nobody knows what she dreamed about when she was a little girl, nobody knows and nobody cares to know… Read More>>

One thought on “VENUS IN PISCES

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