Venus in Aries

Venus has entered Aries. A woman is turning up her nose, a man is bringing her flowers hoping to get a smile. Cranberries are waiting in a bowl and bladder inflammation is on the way. Hairstylists are busy cutting long hair as this woman appears to join the army. She wants a new look. Only to regret it later. Always. For a while, anyway. This is the story of faithfulness rather than betrayal. This is the principle of temptation, and glee and joy of not giving in easily. This is where faithfulness in relationships is coming from, but only as long as the partners are strong enough to embrace it. These principles are all at work here, especially now when Mars, which is disposited by Venus, is in Virgo. So there you have singles fooling around at work. Somebody new showed up at the workplace. Or a blast from the past returned. It all depends whether we look at Venus or Mars in retrograde. In a few days, between February 14 and 15, when Venus walks into a square with Pluto in Capricorn… continue¬†reading here


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