Mercury in Aries

Mercury has entered Aries. Someone is being delivered a subpoena to pay a fine for a misdemeanor, because this is the moment of carrying out a warrant, a decree. In the meantime someone else is reporting his neighbor because his dog won’t stop barking, as if animals didn’t have the right to a voice.

Children at school have gotten into a fight, and it is all fine, until this becomes the picture of a knife in a child’s hand. Because until then it was only the first sizing up of strength – trough arm wrestling. Mercury in Aries is nothing else but strength looking for someone to look up to, like a brother, and where the brother is not there, then the friend that went with you into battle or action, will become a “brother” for life. Before, these used to be all friendships, actually “brotherhoods” from the army or war (Brothers in Arms). Every pledge to a brotherhood, these are also the words you say when taking the oath in the army, the words of every anthem, ornaments, coats of arms and every symbol of courage, knighthood and honor.

In very early childhood, these are cartoon heroes that every child wants to be like or have as a brother. Youth is looking for strength, and the strength of grown up is looking for intellect. So this is intelligence and fast thinking, finding an escape route at the last minute (especially when Mercury will be in conjunction with Uranus), but the condition is that you are brave. These are warning signs, rotation lights, helicopters, bikers, and thieves who are running faster now… read full article on my page >>


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