name: Alexandra Sanja Peric

age: 35

live in: Belgrade, Serbia

occupation: astrologer

the main web site: www.sanjaperic.com

mail: sanjaperic.astrologer@gmail.com

“Contradiction is my nature. The constant war of manicheic principles of good and bad, faith and doubt, discipline and anarchy, rebellion and subordinance, freedom and dogma, compassion and cruelty, daring and cowardice, moderation and excessivness, meditation and action, irationality and sensibleness, spirit and body…”

(Borislav Pekic– Serbian writer)


I was born on December 11th 1974 in Pozarevac (Serbia). They say it was a more than dramatic night (MO Sc), full of uncertainty and struggle. Mother suffered, which was nothing new in her life full of putting up with and giving up on (SA Ca, MO Sc) but still happy (she has VE/MO Le). That same night, my aunt, while waiting for news from the delivery room, knocked over a petroleum lamp on the stove almost starting a big fire (MO/UR Sc in 2). From that night, the drama doesn’t seem to cease, and when twilight appears and the lights are turned on, within me dramas, restlessness and excitement awake.

Although I like the mornings which have always been a symbol of hope of something new, in the night lights that find their way through the windows and under the lights of the flickering street lights – I feel life (SO/NE in 3). With fifteen I found out that I am a Sagittarius – Libra, that there is something called a horoscope, and to this day I haven’t forgotten the sensation of that revelation…Every awakening of individuality is exciting. To a child his first independent step or reaching a spoon is exciting, to a Man when he acquires a new knowledge and through thinking about it, discovers it without a book. In that kind of ecstatic – knowledgable sense, my joining with astrology happened. Revelation is the true art of man. Creation and Creativity – that connects us to our Maker since the beginning of time, with mystic, nature, heavens, with everything that the Man inside us can do…

I had the good fortune to have in my hands, from the very beginning, the texts of the greatest astrologer from this region, Goran Milekic. Every word of his, as all of you who love him and practise astrology know, hid within it the keys for entering some new, as yet unseen, astrological depths. Only Goran Milekic revealed to the whole world how obvious astrology is and how it is present in every image of what we live in our lives, of what we are frequently blind and oblivious to. Those moments of epiphany were the true moments in which time stands still, and when man, mouth half opened, half in wonder – starts to believe. Thus the awakening of sense, faith, struggle when necessary, goodness that is given, creativity when it is possible, but in every chart the awakening of that which is the best that man carries within him – was the imperative that guided his work.

Astrology is more than my profession – it is the aroma of my life. Writing, psychology and all of my creativity that is reflected today in my various activities: from web design to photography, originated from the calm of my spirit that feeds on astrology. I am in astrology a full 16 years: all the time not being able to draw a clear line between astrology as a hobby and astrology that is “my profession”, since I see it the same all of the time, and myself as an astrologer. I have written for various magazines, left thousands of posts on astrology forums long before I would have my own, and am currently, except for this blog, writing for “Sensa” magazine.

*** instead of a diploma:

“ To Sanja, in who I found it easy to believe, since she herself is faith and sufficient, perfect to journey to unphathomed heights of knowledge and make them her home. With faith in her wisdom, spirituality, mission, rare among my students… Goran Milekic (my teacher) , 12.8. 2002. Belgrade


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sanja,

    Your insights are very impressive. Please let me know if you do charts for email customers & if so what are your fees.

    Thanks very much,

  2. I have already made some comments. Thank you for being so beautiful in so many ways, in heart, mind and with your words. I have appreciated them deeply and in 30mins I feel I can see myself more. I love being born in December 1974 although at the other end, the 27th, love numbers. When I noticed you were too well its just makes me smile. many blessings to you and all you do.

  3. Searching for Lilith interpretation I stumbled upon your blog.
    One of my best friends and as also it could be said platonic lover, is born on the same date. She is a Sagitarious (within the Sporpio house) with a Leo ASC. However, it is the power of your writings, the hearty “blatant” honesty that dragged me upon your words. I recently (a year ago) discovered the truth of Astrology and the journey continues……. Keep on!

  4. In searching for info on Lilith, I found your site and then see that you were also born on December 11. Wonder of wonders. Love your images and words. Blessings to you.

  5. I really like your artwork. I was impressed to find out it was your work–very nice. I also like the descriptions very much and can relate to not being able to separate astrology as a hobby from a ‘profession.’

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