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Venus in Aquarius – A Will to Love

excerpt from text: “On the psychology level, this Venus will disclose the affinities, we will all recognize ourselves in her, we are going to dig the movie or literature characters that resemble Venus, but all this is most likely not going to look like “destiny” where, we – and I mean men in particular – are becoming that Venus or that Mars.

And to have Venus in Aquarius, the topic I want to write about now when Venus is here and up in the sky, is not at all easy. ”

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Venus Leo and Mars Scorpio Square

translation: Maja Miskovic

Venus is in Leo, Mars in Scorpio. In their fixed square, a world unto themselves, they are seizing each other up in a relentless desire for the divine and absolute distinction. Inasmuch this constellation leaves us breathless it frightens us as it appears that these two will be at each other’s throats in any moment and that only one will survive. Either Mars will bestow the throne on Venus only to withhold it the very moment pride yields to tenderness in her glistening eyes, leaving her dreaming the return of the black knight, or the proud Venus, despite fire in her heart, will turn her head away, which could enrage Mars. How to surrender and yet keep up the fight? Why are lovers ridden with fiery fights these days, which in some cases could lead into serious antagonism? Everything that unravels on the inside will now include the audience; all turns into a theatre. If the children are present, they could witness love that looks awfully lot like hatred. This Mars is fearful of Venus and this Venus is apprehensive of Mars. Mars is afraid that this Venus is truly distinctive, worthy in her self-sufficient solitude, but what is worthy, asks Mars, when in the end the bitter taste of disappointment awaits, the fleetingness of time takes away the beauty, or the child replaces the lover – and that is why he wants her to abort. However, if the conceived child is a girl, she will be born despite everything. Everything in Leo is brave and so is this Venus. The wife of generals and the powerful, she wants to be adorned only by the bravest.

Mars and Venus are square until early October (Venus changes the sign on the 3rd and Mars on the 7th when both enter the mutable signs).

Video illustration of the Venus Mars meet-up (a clip from the “Black Swan”)

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How alone can a human being be?
How much time spent in solitude during an average existence is sufficient to a human?
Are we all alone in the end?

During our childhood, Saturn is the helping hand holding us when learning to walk. Saturn is our every fall while we are struggling to make our first steps. And Saturn is also we, the children, a burden, responsibility, and the reason of restrictions in the parents’ lives.

We even know that it is in the best interest of our future, to adopt those messages we are getting from our parents, school teachers, teachers and all other authorities in the children’s realm – we are Saturn.

Knowing that we are the problem, that everything would be different if we weren’t there- because mother is putting up with father because of the child, the father doesn’t have time for mother because of the child, they are both doing jobs they don’t like because of the child, they are sad, unhappy, they do not laugh, it is hard for them- all this because of the child. We also hear that we are best when not around, when we are in our rooms as if we didn’t exist, are quiet unless asked to speak, in fact that we are smarter when we are silent. We keep hearing that all the crystal vases and newly painted wall are more important than our scorched knees, that the bed is more important then our joy when jumping on it, that we are not allowed to cry because it angers them, and if in pain to – endure, endure, endure. That we are not allowed to be children, that we should look up to some other child, be like them or like our brother/ sister, and not be what we are. Whatever we do we are guilty, that we are never good enough, that we shouldn’t be thinking about ourselves but about how others feel – them for example, brothers, sisters or the neighbors. The others are the only things that matter. Forget what we want and do what they want just to please them. And if we do what we want, do not forget to be grateful and remember that it wouldn’t be possible it wasn’t for them, as if our role in it was completely irrelevant. Be strong, because only those who cry are weak, and those who are weak are cowards. Do not disturb them while they’re working, sleeping, or eating, they do not have time to look at our paintings from which the paint is still dripping because we couldn’t wait for it to dry, joyfully rushing to show them…but in a moment, just let them finish their lunch. Do not embarrass them when visiting someone. Do not make them feel ashamed in front of teachers… for futher reading go to my page >>

Mercury in Aries

Mercury has entered Aries. Someone is being delivered a subpoena to pay a fine for a misdemeanor, because this is the moment of carrying out a warrant, a decree. In the meantime someone else is reporting his neighbor because his dog won’t stop barking, as if animals didn’t have the right to a voice.

Children at school have gotten into a fight, and it is all fine, until this becomes the picture of a knife in a child’s hand. Because until then it was only the first sizing up of strength – trough arm wrestling. Mercury in Aries is nothing else but strength looking for someone to look up to, like a brother, and where the brother is not there, then the friend that went with you into battle or action, will become a “brother” for life. Before, these used to be all friendships, actually “brotherhoods” from the army or war (Brothers in Arms). Every pledge to a brotherhood, these are also the words you say when taking the oath in the army, the words of every anthem, ornaments, coats of arms and every symbol of courage, knighthood and honor.

In very early childhood, these are cartoon heroes that every child wants to be like or have as a brother. Youth is looking for strength, and the strength of grown up is looking for intellect. So this is intelligence and fast thinking, finding an escape route at the last minute (especially when Mercury will be in conjunction with Uranus), but the condition is that you are brave. These are warning signs, rotation lights, helicopters, bikers, and thieves who are running faster now… read full article on my page >>

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury entered Pisces and it will be there until 2nd March.

This is the time of silence, like Vlatko wisely explained when he sung:

“I find the right words only when it’s already too late
I figure out the answer when I’m left alone”.

Now the files are being deleted, old statuses, photos from Facebook profile, directories, e-mails, sometimes coincidentally and sometimes on purpose because now we need intimacy, privacy; freeing ourselves from everything that buried and choked us.

And if we do not put in order that what our psyche is looking for, the universe makes a scenario where it happens to us.

And while one part of this planet is hastening to illegality, the other is becoming infinitely nosy to find out exactly that something what is to be hidden, kept for oneself.

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Venus in Aries

Venus has entered Aries. A woman is turning up her nose, a man is bringing her flowers hoping to get a smile. Cranberries are waiting in a bowl and bladder inflammation is on the way. Hairstylists are busy cutting long hair as this woman appears to join the army. She wants a new look. Only to regret it later. Always. For a while, anyway. This is the story of faithfulness rather than betrayal. This is the principle of temptation, and glee and joy of not giving in easily. This is where faithfulness in relationships is coming from, but only as long as the partners are strong enough to embrace it. These principles are all at work here, especially now when Mars, which is disposited by Venus, is in Virgo. So there you have singles fooling around at work. Somebody new showed up at the workplace. Or a blast from the past returned. It all depends whether we look at Venus or Mars in retrograde. In a few days, between February 14 and 15, when Venus walks into a square with Pluto in Capricorn… continue reading here